SGD$ SG Dollar

Pawn Procedure

Who Can Pawn?

Above 16 years old with a valid I/C, passport, or foreign documents

What Can Pawn?

Any valuables (e.g. gold, jewelries, branded watches etc)


Why Pawn?

Simple, hassle-free procedure that gives you instant cash loans in minutes


4 easy steps to get instant loans!

Step 1 - Bring in your valuables for us to evaluate.

Step 2 - We will then pawn you the valuation price given by our friendly staffs.

Step 3 - We will print a pawn ticket based on the loan amount, items and weight of your valuables.

Step 2 - You will then receive the pawn ticket and cash.

Pawn Contracts Rules

1.5% interest per month

Interest charge = Loan amount x 1.5% per month

6 months validity

Come in everytime within 6 months of your pawn-in date to rnew your ticket or to redeem your items
To renew your ticket, please pay us the 1.5% per month interest and extend your validity for another 6 months
To redeem (take out) your items, please pay us the (1.5% per month interest + loan amount) e.g. You take a loan amount of $100.
To renew after 6 months = ($100 x 1.5% per month) x 6 months = $9.00
To redeem (take out) after 6 months = [($100 x 1.5% per month) x 6 months] + loan amount = $109.00

Want more cash from your existing pawn ticket?

E.g. You valuables might be worth $100 at the pawn-in time but you only pawn $50 to tide over your money crisis.
After 1 month later, you realized you need more cash. Come back to us with your pawn ticket, verify you are the pawner and our staff will increase the pawn amount to $100 (provided your valuables are still worth $100 in a month's time).
All you have to do is to pay us 1 month interest ($50 x 1.5% per month = $0.75) and we will give you another $50 and a newly printed pawn ticket of $100 loan (Please bear in mind that your interest is higher now ($100 x 1.5% per month = $1.50))

Flexible installment payment

E.g. Your pawn ticket stated is $100 cash loan. 1 month later you come back to us and request to reduce the pawn amount to $80.
All you have to do is bring your pawn ticket, pay us the interest of ($100 x 1.5% per month = $1.50) plus $20 (total of $21.50) to reduce the pawn amount to $80. Therefore your next interest payment is lower ($80 x 1.5% per month = $1.20)